The Restaurant

Tordesilhas is an artisan restaurant focused on valorization and constant investigation of Brazilian techniques, knowledge
and ingredients which make its cuisine develop all the time. To our diners we offer rice, beans and farofa because these are what
we most like to eat day by day. We work with the classics because we believe that tradition is the base for innovation. To reveal these consecrated delicacies is our own way in which we express our great passion for this country. However, the enormous diversity of ingredients and characteristic ways of preparation prompt us to new experiments. In our lounge, we strive to offer the best you can find in that most Brazilian of drinks, cachaça; but also a constantly updated and independent wine card, good coffee and other beverages. Our décor is not thematic but it also isn’t impersonal. But what really makes the difference
are the people who will, with different accents but the same affection, receive you. Working for quite a few years in the same trade
and in the same house, they will lead you into a genuinely Brazilian environment.
Feel yourself at home.

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