1. Brazilian regional cuisine weeks – 1991-2003

This was the first large event conceived and executed
at Tordesilhas restaurant. There were 10 editions dedicated
to regional Brazilian cuisine. The event was thematic with each edition focusing on 1 aspect of regional Brazilian foods such
as religiosity, folk fetes, literature etc.

3. Enjoying the peppers – 2004 / 2006

After an extensive research, the idea of Ivo Ribeiro surged
in an event completely dedicated to Brazilian peppers.
Mara created a menu in which capsicums were the big stars.
Since then, Tordesilhas have discovered the great pepper expert
in the waiter Zé Lima and the peppers used in the restaurant started to be sold there.

Peppers in other people's kitchen are Refreshing 2006.

Re-edition of the event about peppers. A new set of dishes with mild and hot peppers was introduced to the public in this event.

7. Dona Brazi – 2009 and 2013

After a trip to São Gabriel da Cachoeira,
in the state of Amazonas, Mara, together with dona Brazi, Baré tribe member and a great local cook, prepared a menu with black tucupi, ants and other typical ingredients from this region that lies
on the frontier between Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.
The event surprised São Paulo’s gastronomy elite present.

Launch of the book and dinner Dona Brazi – 30/10/2013

Dona Brazi launched her book Cozinha Tradicional Amazônica (“Traditional cuisine from the Amazon”) at Tordesilhas. After
the launch, a great dinner prepared by Mara and dona Brazi
was served to journalists, chefs and enthusiasts interested
in the gastronomy of that particular region
of Amazonas (area of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas state).

8. Yes we have that, but soon it will be over
2009 and 2010

(a special tasting menu with unusual ingredients)

This project identified ingredients from diverse regions of Brazil which are considered rare and valuable from gastronomic point
of view. The chef Mara Salles created a menu from a small lot
of these ingredients which was obtained by the restaurant. There have been 4 editions of the project so far but it has not ended
and there can be a new edition at any time.

9. Terruá Pará – 2011

Music and food blended in this event where the chefs Mara Salles and Thiago Castanho created a menu together. The menu
was completely dedicated to the cuisine from the state of Pará
and the ingredients were brought by Thiago directly from Belém.

10. Cheese, whey, cream, Canastra – 2012

Mara visited Serra da Canastra several times, talked to the producers, slept on their farms, exchanged recipes. From this experience she elaborated a unique and exclusive menu. Cheeses, whey and cream from important producers came from Serra da Canastra straight to Tordesilhas. The event was almost illegal (artisan “mineiro” cheeses are prohibited to be sold outside of the state of Minas Gerais) but it brought to light an important subject.

11. Tasting Menu Brazil – since 2005

Tordesilhas created its Tasting Menu Brazil in 2005 as the first tasting menu of Brazilian food. Since then, it has changed several times. Regional traces of Brazil present themselves in very Brazilian, harmonic sequences.

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